This building was a recent designed one storey structure designed and was under construction when it was affected twice in a 30 day period by the wind. The building was approximately 56’ wide by 100’ long by 20’ high and consisted of metal roof with dimensional lumber strapping supported by pre-engineered wood trusses, interior metal ceiling, metal cladding at the perimeter, interior liner, and dimensional timber posts supported by a pre-cast concrete foundation system. The interior concrete slab on grade had not been installed at the time of the wind events.

As part of the investigation, Precision Forensics reviewed the events and the restoration made after the first damage, performed a survey on the building to confirm the building displacements at various levels and locations, and if the structure was built as per the structural drawings issued for construction.

Wind recorded data was obtained to confirm peak wind speed and direction, and a review of the design parameters from the latest Alberta Building Code was performed. Several structural analysis was completed with different conditions that indicated that the structure was affected by a wind slightly below the design wind load, that the lateral displacement of the structure was exceeded by twice the maximum allowable by code, and that the displacements were consistent with not having an adequate horizontal and lateral bracing.

As a result of this analysis, recommendations to avoid future damages by wind were provided since the integrity of the structure has been compromised by movements in excess of the design allowable lateral movements, which would not be expected to happen with wind gusts equal or less than the design wind.