Collision Reconstruction
and Structural Analysis

Collision Analysis in Edmonton, Calgary & Grande Prairie

PFI conducts Engineering Investigations and Analysis in regards to the contributing factors, causes and circumstances surrounding all types of Vehicle Collisions.  We provide our collision analysis and collision reconstruction services all across Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie. Our collision investigations include examining the contributing relations pertaining to Driver, Vehicle, Roadway, and the Environment. Collision analyses can involve the use of leading-edge software tools and data acquisition tools to re-create the collision in three dimensions, or simply be analyzed using calculations based on the laws of Physics. We also investigate and analyze the digital content that may be stored in the vehicles’ Electronic Data Recorders (EDR), such as the airbag control module, or the infotainment and telematics modules. We can help you find the answers that you’re looking for regarding your accident with our years of expertise in collision analysis and reconstruction. 

Services Include:

  • 3D modeling and simulations
  • Short range photogrammetry
  • Investigations via drone
  • Component failure analysis
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Assessment of road and highway maintenance issues
  • Vehicle impact speed and collision related motions
  • Pedestrian impact analysis
  • Night time visibility assessments
  • Vehicle collision avoidance
  • Collection of vehicle digital information
  • Low speed collision severity analysis
  • Off-road collision reconstruction
  • Investigation of vehicle theft and staged collisions
  • Litigation services

P.Eng Stamps (CAN)

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta 
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba 
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Quebec (in progress)

PE Stamps (USA)

  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Ohio (in progress)
  • New York (in progress)
  • Pennsylvania (in progress)
  • West Virginia (in progress)