Structural Design

PFI provides a large range of consulting services for repair and remediation of structures ranging from single-family homes to industrial warehouses. Our work in structural forensic engineering makes us specialists in analysing existing structures to determine the best course of action moving forward and gives us a firm understanding of basic principles. PFI stays current with the latest in structural design, materials and construction methods providing great value to our clients through the reconstruction process.

Services Include:

  • Project management
  • Repair and remediation design, drawings and specification
  • Structural Engineering Design and construction supervision
  • Prime consulting services
  • Architectural services as per the Alberta Building Code

P.Eng Stamps (CAN)

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta 
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba 
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Quebec (in progress)

PE Stamps (USA)

  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Ohio (in progress)
  • New York (in progress)
  • Pennsylvania (in progress)
  • West Virginia (in progress)