These facilities were two four storey apartment buildings over a single underground level parkade, nine three storey townhouse condo complexes with parking areas below, and an amenity center built in 1977 for 321,300 square foot total living area.

The main structural system for the two four-storey apartment consisted of precast double Tee’s, upstand reinforced concrete beams and columns, perimeter concrete walls and wood framed superstructure. The nine three storey townhouses structural system was steel beams, truss joists, reinforced columns, perimeter concrete walls and wood framed superstructure.

The whole complex was badly damaged by the 2016 wildfire that affected Fort McMurray. All combustible materials within the complex were completely burned with only non-combustible materials remaining within the parkade areas with portions of the fire affected standing concrete walls and interior columns.

Extreme fire damage was observed within each structure with extensive calcination, thermocracking, and thermospalling at the exposed parkade walls. Other signs of heat effect such as deformation of the structural steel and melted material were observed. Based on the investigation, Precision Forensics recommended the complete demolition and removal of the remaining fire damaged structures.

As part of the reconstruction process, Precision Forensics was retained by the owners to provide the structural redesign of the complex to provide like kind and quality, including any required code upgrades. After two years of substantial effort from the restoration team, the condominium apartments and townhouses were rebuilt and ready for owner’s occupancy.